Paraguay's immigration law has been modified as of October 18, 2022. Learn more.

Your Guide to Permanent Residency in Paraguay

Learn about the merits, requirements, cost, time, taxation, country, and more.

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Finestra & Associates is a Paraguayan immigration law firm based in Asuncion! Since its inception in 2010, it has provided tailor-made solutions to individuals and companies that wish to obtain residency in Paraguay. The firm is proud of its track record and determination to succeed in each and every case. As such, it has assisted a significant number of people in obtaining permanent residency in Paraguay in a professional and cost-efficient manner.

At Finestra & Associates, we carefully evaluate the requirements of every client and help them navigate the somewhat bureaucratic labyrinth of the immigration process. As a member of the Paraguay Bar Association, we conduct our business with integrity, efficiency, and discipline. We speak Spanish, Guarani, and English.

Discovering Paraguay

Flying under the radar till recently, Paraguay is witnessing growing attention and appreciation from foreign individuals and companies alike.

Paraguay offers a surprisingly wide range of attractive features: a low-tax environment, a growing economy, financial freedom, pleasant temperatures for most of the year, breathtaking landscapes, moderate cost of living, affordable real estate, security, stability, culture, decent education and healthcare standards, a young workforce, friendly people, slow-paced lifestyle, strong agricultural presence and Spanish as a spoken language.

Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, Paraguay form the economic bloc known as Mercosur. Much like in the European Union (EU), Mercosur citizens may reside and work in the country of their choice within the bloc.

Paraguay operates one of the world’s largest hydroelectric power stations and provides clean energy domestically and to Brazil. Equally impressive is the fact that Paraguay is sitting on one of the biggest freshwater reservoirs in the world!

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Paraguay is Poised to Benefit From Future Global Demand for Agricultural Goods, Drinking Water and Energy.

Permanent Paraguay Residency

Paraguay welcomes foreign individuals to contribute to the economic growth of the country. As such, it offers a permanent residency program that is both affordable and attractive.
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Merits of the program

Required Documents & Funds

Below is a list of the main documents that an applicant needs to prepare. Additional document(s) might be necessary, depending on your circumstances.

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The Process in Simple Steps

A Preparation Stage - Documents

We advise you to hire a local immigration lawyer. Cutting corners to save a relatively small amount of money may hurt your goals or budget. Finestra & Associates is a Paraguay-based law firm focusing solely on immigration law. With 12+ years of specialization, hard work, and transparent fees we want to believe that you are in good hands.

Based on your specific situation you will need to gather several documents. We will tell you exactly which ones. All documents will need to be authenticated.

3. Reviewing the Documents

We will ask you to send us a scan of the documents you gathered prior to your trip to make sure everything is according to the rules and expectations.

4. Visa Requirement

We will check if you or any member of your family requires a visa even if your country allows visa-free travel or visa upon arrival for tourism purposes.

B 1st Trip:

The duration of this trip should be 5 business days. Theoretically, 3 business days are sufficient; practically, there are often delays due to every reason imaginable. On the positive side, there will be time to visit sightseeing spots and get to know Asuncion.

Some of the meetings:

The residency – if granted – is usually obtained within 60 – 90 days from the date of application. It may take a few months longer. You must re-visit Paraguay for a 2nd time within 6 months from getting the Permanent Residency permit. If not, the permit will become null & void.

C 2nd Trip:

Aerial view of the Paraguayan city of Ciudad del Este

Transparent Expenses & Legal Fees

Administrative Fee – We charge a fixed administrative fee of US$ 1,500 per applicant.  The above amount consists of various fees (government, notary, national and local police, medical examination, courier, etc).

Translation costs are borne by the customer at the effective cost (3rd party service).

Legal Fees – Once we know your needs, we will offer you a flat fee so you can plan your trip with peace of mind. Until then, the range below gives you a good idea. Be aware that we are just as cost-conscious and careful as you are. With us, you can expect value for money and the experience of a specialized company.  We differentiate among 3 categories of applicants.  The groups differ in complexity and consequently amount of work.

Applicants from Mexico, South & Central America, and certain Spanish-speaking countries.

Legal fees

US$ 1,750 - 2,250

per applicant

Applicants from English speaking countries, European countries & certain Asian countries.

Legal fees

US$ 2,750 - 3,250

per applicant

Applicants from all other countries that need visa.

Legal fees

Price Upon Request

per applicant

Paraguay Citizenship

The Paraguay passport might be an attractive option. As of 2022, it allowed visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 145 countries, ranking it at number 32 of all passports. Paraguay’s constitution allows dual citizenship on a reciprocity basis.

Theoretically, obtaining it three (3) years after the permanent residency is possible. In reality, the process lasts around three (3) years and there is no assurance that it will be granted. At this moment there is no citizenship by investment program that could facilitate the process.

Notwithstanding the above, we have successfully guided clients through the process and continue to do so these days when personal freedom and movement deteriorate progressively. Planning is today more important than ever.

The rules stipulate that an applicant needs to

Estimate – US$ 30,000 initial retainer fee per Applicant. Total fees may vary from US$ 70-100,000. 

More Services

We assist our clients in many of their needs, such as:

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Paraguay is definitely not the place for wealth management or sophisticated banking. Paraguayan bank services are relatively bureaucratic and the process of opening a bank account is cumbersome. The criteria may vary from bank to bank and from branch to branch and change frequently.

We will happily assist our clients in opening an account to feel at home and at ease in our lovely country.


The incorporation of a company is a simple procedure and can be completed within days. We strive to achieve the best possible conditions so your company may benefit from existing or new incentives. We are of course very familiar with the Maquila regimen. Companies that operate under the Maquila model take advantage of numerous benefits. Maquila is usually a foreign-owned factory producing goods in Paraguay. The products are subsequently exported to the holding company bearing a unique tax of 1%.

Attractive Tax Environment

Finestra & Associates does not provide tax or accounting advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute tax, or financial advice from a professional accountant.

Personal Income Tax – Any individual residing 120 or more days in Paraguay is deemed a tax resident. Personal Income Tax applies to all individuals, independent or not, whose annual income exceeds US$ 13,000 (adjusts yearly). The tax rate is progressive, ranging between 8% and 10%, and is based on goods and services, sale of real estate, bonds, shares, interest, and more, created within Paraguay.

Net Worth and Inheritance Tax – Paraguay has no net worth or inheritance tax.

Taxes on Corporate Income – 10% on income derived from any kind of economic activity within Paraguay.

Value Added Tax (VAT or IVA in Spanish) – Freelancers need to declare a 10% VAT tax. The VAT rate is included in all invoices for goods and services.

Real Estate Tax – A yearly tax of one (1) percent (%) of the property’s fiscal value. The percentage may vary according to the location.

A New Life Awaits​

We are obviously biased as a Paraguay-based firm. But yes, we are proud of our country—humble beginnings but steady progress and accelerating economic growth. We look around and feel fortunate to live in this place. Life appears less stressful than elsewhere, and people are warm and welcoming. With a strong agricultural economy, a young population, clean energy, and a gigantic freshwater reservoir, Paraguay is ready to meet the future. It welcomes you to participate and become part of it. Asuncion is changing day by day with modern shopping centers, luxury condominium towers, prestigious office buildings, and golf and tennis clubs all over. Paraguay is no longer an insider tip, and people all over the world are talking about it. Bienvenido a Paraguay!

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A Visa whenever necessary.

A Many countries have been granted a visa-free or visa upon arrival right to Paraguay for tourism purposes. With some exceptions, applicants need no visa.

The exception to the rule: Applicants of some of those countries such as Canada (i) do not require a visa if the visit is for tourism purposes, but (ii) require a visa when the purpose of the visit is to apply for a residency permit.

Consult with us or a local legal advisor prior to a trip to the country.

B Applicants of countries requiring a visa need to apply for one no matter what. A visa will take 4-6 weeks and involves an official invitation to the country by a Paraguayan person or company and some formalities. We are glad to assist you in obtaining a visa and guide you through the process.  Finestra & Associates will review each applicant’s situation and advise accordingly.

Proof of solvency

A place a short-term deposit of ca US$ 5,200 (pending on the exchange rate) with the National Bank of Paraguay. The funds can be withdrawn once the process is complete – Taken care of in Paraguay – or

B present a University Degree that is accepted in Paraguay or

C show evidence of a proven annuity or pension of at least US$ 1,050 per month (irrespective of age).

Authentication of Documents

A If your country is part of the Hague Apostille Convention (currently over 120 countries), then the documents need to be apostilled (authentication method among countries).

B Countries not part of the convention utilize a process known as Legalization. Documents are certified by a high-level government office (like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and then by the respective Embassy in the country of origin. Either way, we will tell you in time what and how to do.

C In some cases both (a) and (b) may apply. Do not worry, we will guide you through it.

Translation of Documents into Spanish

A Documents from your country must be translated to Spanish by a certified translator in Paraguay. The effective cost of the translations is borne by the client.

B An apostilled translation is accepted only in case there is no local certified translator for the language your documents are issued.

Category 1

Includes Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, and Panama.

Category 2

Includes EU countries, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Serbia, Croatia, Russia, and Ukraine as well as the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.

Category 3

Includes India, Pakistan, Malaysia, China, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, most Caribbean, and several other countries.