Although Paraguay isn’t well known and is somewhat off the beaten track, it’s nonetheless a western country where Christian beliefs and values are strongly held. That’s worth thinking about at a time when the countries that have been considered bastions of western civilisation seem to be willingly rejecting their 2,000 years of Christian and cultural heritage. That ‘self-rejection’ is a process that only seems to be speeding up – who knows what the consequences will be for Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand in another ten or twenty years? 

Paraguay has been the destination for waves of immigration from many parts of the world throughout its history, particularly in the 19C and 20C, and still welcomes immigrants.

During the War of the Triple Alliance (1867-70) which Paraguay waged simultaneously against Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil, a huge percentage of the male population died in the fighting. After that demographic collapse, subsequent European immigration from Italy, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and Asian immigration from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan has had profound effect. For example, about 40% percent of the roughly 7 million Paraguayans today have some Italian ancestry.